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Amplifier Classes And The Classification Of Amplifiers

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between class AB and Class D amplifiers?

Class AB makes the input signal and output signal identical and every step of the way. In short, it is making a larger identical signal. Whereas class D amplifiers start with an input signal and then output signal looks like larger and shorter pulses. These larger and shorter pulses then have to have their edges taken off.

What are other classes of amplifiers?

Other Classes are modern amplifiers which use switching topologies and PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) technique to drive the output load. Sometimes, improved version of traditional classes are assigned a letter to classify them as a different class of amplifier, like class G amplifier is a modified Amplifier class of Class B or Class AB amplifier.

Are class C amplifiers suitable for audio amplifiers?

While this form of transistor biasing gives a much improved efficiency of around 80% to the amplifier, it introduces a very heavy distortion of the output signal. Therefore, class C amplifiers are not suitable for use as audio amplifiers.

What is a Class T amplifier?

Class T amplifiers are starting to become more popular these days as an audio amplifier design due to the existence of digital signal processing (DSP) chips and multi-channel surround sound amplifiers as it converts analogue signals into digital pulse width modulated (PWM) signals for amplification increasing the amplifiers efficiency.

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